Twilight - The Books


TwilightBella Swan moves from Phoenix, Arizona to Forks, to live with her father Charlie after her mother Renee remarries. Bella is immediately drawn to Edward Cullen, a gorgeous boy, who is a vampire. Although he drinks animal blood and doesn’t kill humans, he finds Bella’s scent insanely irresistible. As they fall in love, Bella and Edward are faced with the obstacles of the intertwining the human and vampire worlds. When James and his coven of vampires, including Victoria and Laurent, come to town Edward and his parents Carlisle and Esme and siblings Alice, Jasper, Rosalie and Emmett, must help save Bella from the ruthless coven who want to kill her. Although Alice uses her premonitions to stay one step ahead of James, Bella inevitably ends up in his clutches. Battered and broken, Edward rescues Bella, and they return to Forks, where she expresses her desire to become like him.

New Moon

new MoonAfter a small accident leaves Bella’s blood exposed, and the Cullen family tempted by her blood, Edward and his family leave Forks to ensure her safety. Bella then falls into a deep depression after Edward leaves her and takes comfort in the arms of her old friend Jacob Black, who discovers he is a werewolf. Meanwhile, back to avenge the death of her lover James, Victoria returns to kill Bella. Even though Jacob saves Bella, a misunderstanding of information leads Edward to believe she is dead so he goes to Italy to seek his death from the Volturi clan, the head of all vampires. But when Alice and Bella reach Edward on time, the Volturi tells them that since Bella discovered who they are, she must either die or be turned into vampire.


eclipseVictoria rears her ugly head once again and gathers an army of newborn vampires to battle the Cullen family and kill Bella once and for all. With Edward now back in her life Bella is forced to choose between her and Jacob, who has also fallen madly in love with her. Although Jacob and his pack of werewolves despise vampires, and their scent, they forge an unlikely alliance in order to fight Victoria and her strong army of vamps. After successfully fighting side-by-side, Jacob soon resents Edward when Bella chooses to be with him and is devastated by her choice to become a vampire.

Breaking Dawn

Breaking DawnIn order to get Edward to agree that she can be turned into a vampire, Bella agrees to marry Edward. On their honeymoon, Bella realizes that the intimacy between human and vamp is not easy. The honeymoon is cut short when Bella learns that she is pregnant. Being a rare case the Cullens and Edward worry when Bella’s life is at risk when her unusual baby grows inside of her at an alarming rate. After giving birth to a female half-breed named Renesme, Bella, who nearly dies, is saved by Edward when he injects his vampire venom into her, ultimately turning her into a vampire. But when another vampire tips off the Volturi that an immortal child exists, which is against the rules, the Volturi comes to Forks to kill the child. In an effort to save the Renesme, the Cullens gather vampire witnesses who can verify that the child is not one of the immortal children.