The Villains of Twilight

James (Cam Gigandet)

James is a bloodthirsty vampire who is talented “tracker.” In the book, James is described as always catching his prey and is a relentless hunter. He is the head of his coven. His main partner and lover is Victoria. Once he sets his sights on Bella in an open field, he is set on killing her. He uses clever wit to trick the Cullen family to get to Bella.

Victoria (played by Canadian actress Rachelle Lefevre)

Victoria is a red-haired, feline-like vampire, who is a member of James’ coven. She helps James in hunting Bella. Later in the series Victoria returns to seek fiery revenge on Bella and Edward.

Laurent (Edi Gathegi)

Laurent is a dark-haired, dark-skinned vampire, who is a member of James’ small coven. When James and Victoria choose to track and murder Bella, Laurent leaves both of them and travels to Denali, Alaska in hopes of finding solace among a friendly coven of vampires. However, he does not adopt their strict diet of drinking animal blood, occasionally feeds on humans. But later in the series, Laurent comes back not wanting to play nice.

Villains of Twilight